Smallest knitting ever…

Micro Life and Mini Life: I love everything that is micro and mini and small and smaller and smallest. I came over this short film today on the microknitting. Absolutely terrific! Like a different secret life that we can´t take part in - a hidden world that we know but not.

The Kambourines

Jeg fant The Kambourines på Urørt og har forelsket meg i stemmene deres og kombinasjonen av kvinne og mann. Mange nydelige sanger. Hør på de på MySpace-siden deres.

I found this band on the website for the Norwegain radio. Fantastic voices and lovely songs! Luv it!

Love the Simpsons forever!!

We watch Simpsons every day in this household. Love it. Brilliantly written and healthy critic on the American ( and probaly the rest of us as well) society. Homer forever. Dough!

My daily collection

Through the day I see so many blogs, pictures, short films, music that I like. This is a list for myself to remember what´s out there…